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We are innovating forensic science to tackle illegal fishing

Fisheries Forensics is a revolutionary science programme that brings together experts in the fields of pathology, toxicology and DNA analysis to develop innovative methods that can substantially strengthen the use of forensic evidence in prosecutions of illegal fishing.

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Partnering with key international universities and renowned scientists, the Fisheries Forensics programme has been initiated to aid the development of new forensic techniques and readily available testing equipment which fishing inspectors can use directly in the field.

Fisheries Forensics is about enabling enforcement officers to conduct scientific tests themselves to determine exactly where, when and how fish are caught. This empowers investigators to trace the origins of fish catches, ultimately linking them back to suspected vessels and operators.

The Fisheries Forensics programme is currently focused on identifying how to apply existing forensic techniques to the field of fisheries enforcement, as well as selecting additional research partners.

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